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Boost your models or event!

PromoVisionModels differentiates itself from the others. Not only because we offer a total concept, but beside that we also use our own network to lift your brand or product to a higher level. Everything is developed from a creative mind with constant renewal. Implicate your target to your product, how do you want to be remembered? Our creativity doesn’t stop with imagining a new promotion, or the most original outfit for your promotion or event. We can even provide the complete decoration and have a large assortment of props. Brainstorm sessions are not only a supebr start of a new project but also very inspiring. We love to think together and are full of ideas to show you that we work in another way!
Interested in what the possibilities are for your product, promotion, event or exhibition? Feel free to contact us, without any obligations.

Styling and Design

PromoVisionModels doesn’t only try to fit the right models at the right job, but also knows the importance of emphasizing originality. We have a large assortment of clothes and costumes but we also provide customized outfits. In good consultation we present a plan in which we show you our possibilities. Ofcourse your own input is also very important in this. If desired, we make sure the clothing is well branded and we can also provide your logo in all work.



Decoration and Painting

The creative background of the founder of PromoVisionModels is still applied at different projects. Whether it is imagining a total new concept, a wall painting for the entrance of your company or event or a unique gift for your contacts? We also have our own design department, which is a diversity of creative people and artists who work together to plan every project to perfection.

Totalprojects and projectdevelopment

PromoVisionModels can provide in collaboration with PromoVisionDesign, a complete concept. Making the idea, with you involved; the client discussing all the inns and outs; making a good plan. If desired we can also provide your website, logo and printed matter, sending invitations, and carrying out nice but above all original promotional activities for the announcement of your new product. The opening of your new or renewed company or event and besides that all this carried out by the enthusiastic and stunning models of PromoVisionModels. The sky is the limit! Possibilities are endless and we can continue with giving hundreds of ideas. Make an appointment to see what we can do for you!


Decorating, innovative and surprising. Promo Vision, in addition to providing beautiful models, beautiful clothes and beautiful ideas, can also decorate your room. We like to help you pick the right colors for your event. We have a large assortment of own decoration and a full styling of your event is also a possibility. We like to work out of a budget, big or small, so we can surprise you!