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Photo, Film & Video

Umbrellagirl Gresini

Boost your Brand!

Photo and video can no longer be ignored in the daily technological world. Pictures on facebook, messages on twitter, or a nice video uploaded on YouTube?
For us an immediate opportunity to use social media for promotion. Our models have more than enough experience in front and also behind the camera, do you want a model who takes pictures with your visitors or just a gorgeous lady who asks all your customers if they want to take a picture, a nice memory of the event? Or just a creative brainstorm with our team to think and work out a remarkable and new action.


PromoVisionModels provides experienced models for photography. For free work, for filling a web shop for clothing or a fashion shoot. Are you looking for a fresh face for your new campaign, business or product? Or do you just want to boost your company brochure?
PromoVisionModels is known to almost every branche. Besides that we provide the possibility to use the model of the flyer, photo, movie or folder during action days or fairs. Visitors and customers really like the recognizing factor. Besides that, the model has a value not only for you but also for the visitor or customer who is able to meet “your” model!
Contact us for all possibilities.

Model voor webshop

Visoeshoot catwalk

Film and Video

Besides photography PromoVisionModels also provides models for video and film: a live presentation of your product; show exactly how the clothes fit; explain new fitness equipment. With a moving image we can make everything more clear than with a captured moment. Need ideas? We have a whole head full of ideas!


Flyering: we know it all, on the street, in the stores. It goes in your bag and you forget about it. As a well behaved person you take it to throw it away when you walk around the corner. Most of the time we don’t want it, but you won’t throw a picture of yourself on the street or in the nearest bin. The picture can be digital or analog we can provide it with or without your logo.

Stroopwafel promo