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productiebegeleidingProjects of six models or more can optionally be accompanied by a coach at location. This way the client doesn’t need to worry whether the models do what they should do and make changes in the program which can be passed directly to the coach.  And also the coach himself will handle accurate during the event. If opportunities arise in which the product or service will be able to get a better visibility the coach will grab it! Especially for the bigger events and fairs it is very comfortable for you as our client to have only one contact. The coach knows the models and makes sure everybody is at the right time and place and offers you a piece of extra control. You have to see the coach as an extra pair of hands and feet.  Our team consists of people with years of experience in events, hospitality, catering, promotion and support. Nothing is too much and we’re there to prevent possible problems and stress in the hectic events.

You can also book our supervisors/coaches for your event as a support and accompaniment for your own crew. People who know work, who can deal with staff in a right way and who know how to motivate and control a group.