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Styling, Make up & Hair


Boost your models!

Making something beautiful a little more beautiful! You will only receive one chance to leave a good first impression of your product or service, let this first impression therefore be memorable. In consultation with you, we can tune the clothing and the makeup of the models at the event perfectly into the activities. Throw away the jeans and sneakers and trade it for stilettos and the stylish chique look! You will not only attract men, but the women may appreciate this even more. Above all it automatically brings to your product to a higher level!

Make Up Artist

PromoVisionModels works with several diplomized and professional makeup artists. Good makeup works wonders. A wonderful appearance at every picture and besides it is a welcome complement for the total image. Even your company colors can come back in the makeup look en everything will be fitted to the beforehand discussed look.

De juiste visagie geeft de onderscheidende toon, modellen springen eruit.


Besides Make up PromoVisionModels also provides the hair: nice, neat, and business-like to extreme catwalk. With our professionals you are at the right address. The creative team of PromoVisionModels loves to advise you of all possibilities to put the models in the spotlight and to get the best out of them.

Face and Bodypaint

PromoVisionModels doesn’t only do Makeup and Hair but also goes a big step further. Promotion is there to be seen, to impress. For the ones who dare to be outgoing we also provide face and body paint.

For one of our regular clients we recently did a body paint action in the middle of Amsterdam which brought a mega media boost