The administrative tasks are often the tasks that are not fun not to do, nevertheless they are of great importance. PromoVisionModels will lift this weight of your shoulders. Our administration hostesses are available during your event, party, fair, or congress. Our hostesses can assist at the entrance desk, stand, or other administrative activities.


Our hostess can be the face of your company, social, professional and well-groomed. These ladies are mostly highly educated. They can process visitors data, register VIP-passes, and guide your clients to the stand or lounge. The activities that our administrative hostesses perform varied.

Your clients are put at ease by our friendly hostesses, answering questions is one of the important activities. Switching between various activities is easy for our administrative hostesses. Assisting in building the stands, preparing flyers and prepare for the administrative tasks, helpfulness comes natural for our ladies.

Want to book an administrative hostess?

Are you looking for an administrative hostess? Or perhaps a host? Look no further, we offer a wide variety of hostesses and hosts. Contact us non-committedly, to discuss the possibilities.