Over the years, PromoVisionModels has become well-known with the phenomenon of Bodypainting. Bodypainting is the painting of the body for means of decoration. The body is used as the canvas of a painting. By playing with light and shadow, the painter is able to give the curves of the body other dimensions.

Bodypainting is centuries old and can be traced back to primitive societies in ancient times. Traditionally, primitive tribes painted their bodies with paint to perform ritual dances, to ask the gods for favors, or to use in weddings.


Whether it’s brand activations, promotions, or campaigns for a foundation, bodypainting can be the ideal way to attract attention. Bodypainting can be used in countless ways. It can be beautiful or shocking, abstract or objective.

There are countless ways to get a message across. So why is a bodypainting campaign so effective? As humans, we are naturally interested in the human body. We don’t just live in one for nothing. Besides that, we are interested in art in all its multiplicity. When we combine the human body with art, we end up with the perfect formula. Us as human beings, can’t help but look.

PromoVisionModels has years of experience with using bodypainting for campaigns, promotions or brand activations. Are you curious about the possibilities of reaching your audience in this unique way? Feel free to contact us.