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Brand ambassadors for Sapp


PromoVisionModels provided the proactive brand ambassadors for Sapp at demonstrations in wholesaler De Kweker in Amsterdam.



Sapp is a company that produces 100% pure and freshly pressed juices of all-natural ingredients. What differentiates this juice from other juices? Well, Sapp is, directly after pressing, frozen with the innovative Smart Ice Techonology. This makes the juices preservable for a long time, but, by not pasteurizing them, they keep their taste, scent and vitamins. In short, the juices are just a tasty, but a lot more convenient than pressing them yourself. The brand is available at Jumbo Supermarkets, in the freezer, in the flavours Apple and Orange.


De Kweker

Sapp demonstrated its products at hospitality and provisions wholesaler De Kweker in Amsterdam. Professionals in food do their shopping here from an extensive food and non-food assortment in combination with fresh foods. The professionals who do their shopping here are an interesting target group for Sapp. It’s juices are the perfect solution for hospitality kitchens to guarantee their guests fresh and natural juice, without all the fuss of pressing it themselves.


Brand ambassadors

Sapp chose for the brand ambassadors of PromoVisionModels to promote her products amongst the target group. Because it is yet to become a well-known brand, it was the primary goal to introduce the consumer to the product. Therefore our promotors provided a tasting, where visitors could taste the juices themselves. The brand ambassadors approached visitors actively in order to reach more people. Our brand activators have a talent for sales and they can stimulate your sales numbers very well. Are you looking for brand support for your product or service? We would love to help you. Contact us here.