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Christmas at Bauhaus Groningen


PromoVisionModels provided the Mrs. Clauses for Bauhaus, who handed out delicious cups of hot chocolate with whipped cream or mugs with a Dutch hot citrus drink called kwast.

Christmas at Bauhaus

The Christmas frenzy has already started at Bauhaus Groningen. Many people are decorating their homes with evergreens, extravagant wreaths and shiny baubles. As DIY store and garden centre is Bauhaus, orginally a German franchise company, leading in the christmas celebrations. The company differentiates itself from other stores in its branche in her supply of high quality brand with a guarantee of the lowest price. Beside that, the DIY store with her experienced employees, offer the best professional advice for every do-it-yourselfer. The company also differs from others in her full-service approach. Bauhaus offers to take a project out of the customers hand fully. The constumer decides whats needs to be done and Bauhaus takes care of the planning and execution of the project and on top of that, gives a warranty on the delivered work.

Rest and warm up with the Bauhaus Mrs. Claus

Tired out from the DIY-shopping and cold from the bleak winter weather, the visitors of Bauhaus could take a rest at the Seasonal department with the Mrs. Clauses. Every visitors was provided with a delicious cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream of a glas of lovely kwast from Groningen (some sort of hot lemonade, which is often drunk during the cold winter months). Aparts from the presence of Mrs. Claus, there was also another respectable guest. Rudolph was also present to entertain the little ones and play games like tag and hide-and-seek.

Theme styling

Mrs. Claus is not Mrs. Claus without her christmas outfit. PromoVisionModels provided, apart from the beautiful and proactive models, the well thought-out styling. We own an extensive assortment of clothing and accessoiries, including theme styling for the Christmas celebrations. PromoVisionModels owns various styles of high quality Christmas outfits for men and women. The models were styled to perfection with fitting accessoiries, from Christmas hat to red-white leg warmers.  PromoVisionModels also provided the suit and the animator for Rudolph. PromoVisionModels has, apart from Christimas, also many more themes available, such as halloween, 90’s, etc. Are you curious as to what PromoVisionModels van provide for you? Contact us here.