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Flying Deer Nacht van de Hollandse Sterren


The Nacht van de Hollandse Sterren (translated: Night of the Dutch Stars) took place April 2nd. As sponsor of this amazing event, Flying Deer was present with four of PromoVisionModels’ promotors to promote their delicious partyshooter.

The Nacht van de Hollandse Sterren
April 2nd was the big day: the fifth edition of the biggest festival of Dutch music, the Nacht van de Hollandse Sterren. This immense event, held in the SilverDome in Zoetermeer, was even bigger this year as it was a jubilee edition. And with a big party, come big names, such as Jan Smit, Wolter Kroes and Django Wagner. It was no surprise that the event had been sold out within moments.

Flying Deer
A festival is no festival without a good drink, so what is better than a shot of Flying Deer? Flying deer is a delicious mix of liquor and energy drink. It had a refreshing and superiour taste. You may already know the partyshooter from Apres Ski, but now Flying Deer is also available in other countries, and it is received well.

Sales support
PromoVisionModels provided Flying deer with their sales support. Four of our Flying Deer darted through the crowd to sell the pouched to the public. The atmosphere was good and the 10-pack soon sold like hot cakes.