Wherever you want to reach your audience, our flyering ladies and gentlemen are at your service. The flyer team knows everything about the concerned product beforehand, and they will clearly inform the consumer and above all leave behind a positive impression. We select the ladies and gents from our file based on your wishes, so that we can put together an efficient flyer team with a fantastic drive.


PromoVisionModels has accumulated years of experience in providing flyer teams. We can help you select all locations fit to promote your product or service. A subscription discount for a gym will need a different location than, for example, a promotion for headphones. One can consider sports venues, fairs, race tracks, petrol stations, parking lots, train stations, festivals, or shopping centers. In our opinion, every location offers a unique possibility.


The flyer team knows everything they need to know about the product or service of interest beforehand. They know what kind of audience to approach which allows them to flyer efficiently. For example, a product or service specifically targeting women will be flyered according to this fact. Are mostly men passing by at a quieter time? The flyer team can, by using their excellent conversational skills, still hand out flyers to these gentlemen to pass on to their wives or daughters.


Someone receiving a flyer from one of our ladies or gentlemen will often have an opinion about it. Customers are stimulated to express their positive as well as negative opinions. They might even come with ideas, which for you, as a company, is incredibly valuable information.

The findings and data will always be gathered and reported back to the client. Based on this feedback, the client can choose to make adaptations to the product. This will eventually benefit the sales and the overall customer satisfaction on the long term.

We share our results real-time, this means that you have the possibility of keeping track of the results online during the day. As soon as a location is visited, this will be processed, and you can immediately see for yourself how things are looking!


Are you looking for a flyer team? PromoVisionModels can help you with this! We are capable of offering a full concept, including makeup and styling. We want the product to be presented in a convincing manner, which is why our flyer team distributes your flyers in stunning outfits. Feel free to contact us, without any obligations, to discuss the possibilities.