A new magazine, a foundation, a charity, an event, or a location. They all have one thing in common: their success is dependent on their members or visitors. The promotion ladies and gentlemen of PromoVisionModels will put their best foot forward to push the public your way.


In a friendly, informing, and personal way, we approach passersby to inform them about your company, service or goal. Over the course of years, our positive and original approach taught us that a good first impression is priceless and that is exactly what we leave behind. We seek to bind the clients to your company, foundation or charity, so that they can become ambassadors. We can only achieve this if the team members have each other’s backs. Satisfied clients, donators, or members will be of great long-term value.

Membership recruitment?

PromoVisionModels makes the best use of the knowledge we have gained in the past years. We combine this knowledge with our creativity, which results in the most original campaigns that leave behind impeccable impressions. This is the manner in which PromoVisionModels helps her clients grow. Have we sparked your curiosity? Feel free to contact us, without any obligations, to discuss the possibilities.