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Entertainment Models


PromoVisionModels has different kind of entertainment models. Prices and offers may vary per model. Contact us for more information.

Boothbabes                                                        ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Booth babes are the face of a brand, product, or service and should put this under attention with the visitors. The booth babes are mainly busy taking pictures with visitors during the event.

Dancers                                                              ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Our professional and experienced dancers form a great addition to your concept. As PromoVisionModels can develop a concept for you from beginning to the end, it will fit your wishes exactly. 

Round Miss                                                        ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

In the Netherlands the round miss is used in various sports, like boxing, wrestling and cycling. In all sports the round miss has various tasks. De round misses do have common characteristics: they are very beautiful, smiley, and radiating with energy.

Candy Girls                                                         ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Candy girls are spontaneous models who, during events, treat the visitors with tasty candy. Because of the joyous and eye-catching costumes, the ladies are a lust fort he eye. 

Champagne girls                                                ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Are you organising a wonderful stylish event? The Champagne girls from PromoVisionModels cannot be missed. Champagne girls welcome your guests at the entrance with a lovely glass of bubbles, so that they will feel welcome immediately. 

Grid Girls                                                            ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Grid girls promote a brand through branded clothing which can be provided by PromoVisionModels. PromoVisionModels provides Grid Girls who do not only look gorgeous, but who are also social. A grid girl is characterized by her curves and a beautiful smile.

Presenter                                                           ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

For an unforgettable party, fair, or event, you will need a fantastic presenter. PromoVisionModels helps you in choosing the right presenter. He or she has to fit with your target group, level or appearance.

Promotion Models


PromoVisionModels has different kind of promotion models. Prices and offers may vary per model. Contact us for more information. 

Street Promotion                                               ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Drawing attention, that is the most important activity from our street promotion teams. In this way, they sometimes make thousands of contacts. Creativity and something unexpected give that extra bit of power. Because of this our street promotion teams are an amazing instrument to use in brand activation, a reopening, or for a new product or service! 

Membership recruitment                                   ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

A new magazine, a foundation, a charity, an event, or location. They all have one thing in common, they are dependent on their members or visitors. The promotion ladies and gentlemen of PromoVisionModels will put their best foot forward to attract the public your way.

Flyer Team                                                         ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Where you want to reach your target audience, our flyering lading and gentlemen are active. The flyer team knows, before they start, everything about the concerned product and they will clearly inform the consumer and above all leave a positive impression.

Sampling Team                                                  ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

 Smelling, tasting, feeling, or trying; that is the strength of sales. The PromoVisionModels sampling teams, also referred to as tasting teams, consist out of promotion models, women as well as men who can reach your public and convince them.



PromoVisionModels has different kind of hostesses. Prices and offers may vary per model. Contact us for more information. 

VIP-Hostesses                                                   ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

PromoVisionModels has experienced ladies and gentlemen in service who can run a hospitality. Welcoming your guests, taking care of snacks and drinks. And naturally keeping the place neat and clean. In short, making sure that your guests have a great day and that you as our client can keep yourself busy with more important things, your own clients! 

Fair Hostess                                                        ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

PromoVisionModels provides representative fair hostesses and hosts for all sorts of fairs and events. For a fair it varies greatly in what a company asks for. Sales support, or deliberately not. A magnet to fill your stand. 

Cloakroom Ladies                                               ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Our cloakroom ladies are professional and always look neat and well-groomed. Additionally they are very social in conversation and always have a friendly radiance. They like to put your clients at ease. In the cloakroom they will take your clients’ coats and bags with pleasure and store them neatly. 

Congress Hostess                                               ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Our hostesses will welcome every visitor and client and put them at ease, perhaps with a lovely glass of champagne or a nice cup of coffee. At the welcoming desk they will register guests and make conversation with them. Professionality and social skills are highly valuated. 

Carshow Hostess                                                ABOUT | BOOK NOW

The attractiveness factor of our car show ladies is very high, a beautiful body and a striking smile. We combine that with gorgeous stage setting so that we create the perfect image for the visitors. Additionally this provides extra promotion as everybody wants to have their picture taken with the beautiful car show lady in combination with their favourite car.

Demonstration/Presentation Hostess              ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Seeing is believing, demonstrations can have an enormous impact on the sales of a product or service. In this way new clients can be acquired and existing clients can be persuaded to buy again. From serving a cup of coffee in a supermarket, showing jewellery on a fair, PromoVisionModels has years of experience in the demonstrating of products or services. 

Administration Hostess                                     ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

A business card of your business, social, professional and well-groomed. Those are our administrative hostesses. These ladies are often highly educated. Process visitors’ data, register VIP-passes, and guiding your clients to the stand or lounge. The activities that our administrative hostesses perform as thus very diverse.

Host                                                                    ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

The hosts of PromoVisionModels can be deployed on various events. A fair, congress, party, wedding, or on other location you might be thinking of. On a fair as stand crew, in the cloakroom, in the fair’s pathways, or in the catering, everything is possible! In all function they are very social, professional and they always look well-groomed. 

Mystery Shopper                                                ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Mystery shoppers visit shops, catering facilities, or companies anonymously. They do this in a normal manner, as if they are real clients. This could mean ordering a beer in a catering facility or attempting to take on a phone subscription in a telephone shop. 



PromoVisionModels has different kind of models. Prices and offers may vary per model. Contact us for more information. 

 Photography Model                                          ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

PromoVisionModels provides various photography models, female as well as male. We provide various kinds of photography models, such as fashion models, lingerie models, hand models, and foot models. 

Catwalk Model                                                  ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

PromoVisionModels has a dossier with various catwalk models, female as well as male. Catwalk models are generally very lean models, hence also called mannequins. They present the clothing of shop owners or designers by presenting it on the catwalk. 

Fitting Model                                                     ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Are you looking for a lady or gentlemen who can fit clothes for your brand? You are at the right address at PromoVisionModels. Fitting models can be female as well as male and are used by designers as well as companies to fit clothing. 

Bodypaint Model                                               ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Brand activations, promotions or campaigns for a foundation, bodypainting can be the ideal way to attract attention. Bodypainting can be deployed in countless ways. It can be beautiful, shocking, abstract, or objective. 


Styling & Design


PromoVisionModels can tune the styling, clothing, makeup and hair of the models at the event perfectly into the activities. Contact us for more information. 

Makeup                                                              ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

PromoVisionModels works with several diplomized and professional makeup artists. Good makeup works wonders. A wonderful appearance at every picture and besides it is a welcome complement for the total image. Even your company colors can come back in the makeup look en everything will be fitted to the beforehand discussed look.

Hairstyling                                                         ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

Besides Make up PromoVisionModels also provides the hair: nice, neat, and business-like to extreme catwalk. With our professionals you are at the right address. The creative team of PromoVisionModels loves to advise you of all possibilities to put the models in the spotlight and to get the best out of them. 

Styling                                                                ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

PromoVisionModels doesn’t only try to fit the right models at the right job, but also knows the importance of emphasizing originality. We have a large assortment of clothes and costumes but we also provide customized outfits. In good consultation we present a plan in which we show you our possibilities.

Design                                                                ABOUT  | BOOK NOW

The creative background of the founder of PromoVisionModels is still applied at different projects. Whether it is imagining a total new concept, a wall painting for the entrance of your company or event or a unique gift for your contacts? We also have our own design department, which is a diversity of creative people and artists who work together to plan every project to perfection.




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  • Werken met PromoVisionModels is altijd een succes, de promotiemodellen zijn harde werkers, erg sociaal en staan altijd klaar om bij te springen.
    John Williams, TEST
  • Top-notch service. I couldn't have been more pleased. I always leave with a big smile on my face and much more relaxed than when I arrived.
    Some Customer
  • Top-notch service. I couldn't have been more pleased. I always leave with a big smile on my face and much more relaxed than when I arrived.
    John Mustachio, Satisfied Customer
  • Barber Saloon is a breath of fresh air to the industry. It is bright, modern, stylish and a wonderful environment in which to have a treatment.
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