A photography model is considered the following: a model that is subject to the making of photos. PromoVisionModels provides various kinds of male and female photography models such as fashion models, lingerie models, hand and foot models, and special models. Every category has its own requirements.

Fashion model

The most modeling agencies have certain physical requirements for a fashion models. These measurement differ between men and women.

Most modeling agencies have certain physical requirements for fashion models. These measurements differ between men and women.

Height is one of these requirements. The average height standard is between 1.75 and 1.82 meters tall. PromoVisionModels uses these same standards. Apart from height, the model’s measurements are also important. The model should namely fit the sample clothing. For women, these measurements have to be around 80-60-90 centimeters in circumference, in which 80 stands for bust, 60 for the waist, and 90 for the hips. These measurements equal size 34/36 (EUR) in clothing.

Just in case you are looking for a female model with deviating height or size, we also have these. At PromoVisionModels you can find these models under the category Special Model.

The minimum height for male models is 1.80 meters, with sizes 48 through 52 (EUR) seen as ideal.

Just in case you are looking for a male model with a deviating height or size, we also have these. At PromoVisionModels you can find these models under the category Special Model.

Lingerie and underwear model

PromoVisionModels also has beautiful lingerie models in their collection. The ladies have beautiful bodies and are very confident about themselves. The measurements of these models match those of a fashion model.

We also have male underwear models in our collection. Their measurements also match the measurements of the male fashion models. These men have wonderfully muscular bodies and plenty of self-confidence.

Hand and foot models

Models with beautiful hands and/or feet can be used as hand or foot models. Often hand and foot models are also deployed as fashion models or lingerie models.

There are various requirements for hand and foot models. Since the focus is on the model’s hands and/or feet, both need to be well-maintained. Long fingers are often preferred, with relatively narrow hands and nails. Well-formed nails and radiant nail beds portray a healthy image. Additionally, smooth and flawless skin is an essential part of hand modeling.

Ladies and gentlemen
Both ladies and gentlemen can function as hand and foot models. Pretty much the same requirements apply to men as to women. Men are however expected to have more sturdy hands, in contrast with the delicate hands of their female counterparts.

Marketing purposes
Hand models are often used in advertisements for cosmetics campaigns selling nail polish or hand lotion. Additionally, hand models are often asked for jewelry campaigns.
Foot models are needed in advertisement campaigns of for example body lotion, shaving cream, hosiery, or shoes. These campaigns will subsequently appear in magazines, on television, or on billboards.

PromoVisionModels has male as well as female hand and feet models in her collection. Are you looking for a hand and/or foot model? Feel free to contact us, without any obligations, to discuss the possibilities.

Special model

Special models are models who function as fashion or lingerie models. The only difference is that they deviate from the standard size-requirements that PromoVisionModels keeps for these models.

PromoVisionModels takes pride in providing their clients with a wide variety of models. Not every client is looking for a typical fashion model. Maybe you are looking for a somewhat shorter model, but with just as pretty a face. We would love to hear what you are looking for so that we can help you find the right model. Feel free to contact us to discuss our range of models.