Are you organizing or planning to organize an amazing and stylish event? The champagne girls provided by PromoVisionModels are vital to the success of your party! To make your guests feel welcome, our champagne girls receive your guests with a delicious glass of champagne. Our models embody luxury and glamour. The girls can be dressed in a beautiful gown, a suit or any other client-chosen outfit that PromoVisionModels provides. We think it is important for our champagne girls to perfectly blend in with your concept. To meet your clients’ satisfaction, PromoVisionModels and our models prioritize pleasant social interactions.

PromoVisionModels can provide your event with a champagne bar as well. The champagne girls are a beautiful addition to the champagne bar. As an extra, the girls walk around, mingle with your guests and refill their glasses. Your customers will be spoiled by our classy and stylish girls. Do you prefer to hire gentlemen rather than ladies? We can make this possible as well.


Do you want to spoil your guests with snacks such as nuts, toasts, olives or candy? PromoVisionModels offers more concepts for which we have designed special dresses to hold snacks. This way, your guests will be accommodated and entertained in an original way. You are always free to contact us to discuss a concept that suits your wishes or if you have any other questions