A mystery shopper goes anonymously visiting shops, catering facilities and companies. They do it just like a regular customer. For example like ordering a beer at a catering facility or try to open a new phone subscription at a store. In this way we can see the customer friendliness and observe how they work.

The gathered information are then reported to the client. Based on the results can the client say if they are going to change something or not. At the end this shall eventually benefit the sale and customer service.

We share our results real time, meaning that you have the option to see the results online during the assignment. As soon as we visit a place we update this so you can see this right away! So you don’t have to wait till next week, watch the results right away.


To be a mystery shopper PromoVisionModels has some demands. They have to meet the following requirements:

– Be professional
– Objective
– Critical
– Fluent in making conversation for any kind of question
– Be able to report professionally
– Empathy
– Be able to describe situations
– Responsible
– Good understanding of Dutch & English Language, both spoken and written


Are you searching for a mystery shopper for your organization or company? You’re at the right place! You can always contact us with no commitment obligation.