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Boost your Brand!

Boost your brand, the most important part for the popularity of the brand or product: being seen, being recognized and above all being bought! There is only one way to accomplish this; with good promotion! Everything stands or falls with correct and especially innovative promotion, whether it’s a sampling of a new drink, the trying of a new drill or getting new subscribers. PromoVisionModels thinks with you to set up a successful promotional campaign and implementation.


PromoVisionModels provides representive promo girls and boys for a diverse range of tastings all over Holland. A new drink, cookie or candy everything new has to be tried before people buy it for themselves. The promotion crew of PromoVisionModels knows everything about the product before they start working so that they can give the right information to the consumer and above all let the consumer have a positive acquaintance with your product. There is no accounting for tastes but a good offer is what nobody refuses!

Tasting Getreal
Ledenwerving Waddenvereniging

Membership recruitment and street promotion

A new magazine, a foundation, a charity, an event or a location. 1 thing is what they all have in common; they’re all dependent on their members or visitors. The promo crew of PromoVisionModels will put their best foot forward to lead the public in your direction. On a friendly, informative and absolute non-aggressive way we approach the passerby’s to tell them something about your company, service or charity. A positive and original approach taught us in the years that a good first impression is worth a lot and that is what we leave behind.


Nice, that new curling iron from the commercial, but how difficult!! Most consumers experience a threshold with a new product. It is new, I don’t know how it works, what if I can’t do it? Well I better not try or buy. Don’t let it happen! The demonstrators of PromoVisionModels will invite the consumers in an unconstrained way to try the new product. Besides that they can tell the consumer everything they want to know. So that you can say goodbye to another satisfied customer leaving the store!

Nespresso demonstratie