On 18 & 19 August it was time for the Gamma Racing Day of 2018! PromoVisionModels tried their best to make it a success.

ERU Prestige

PVM used promotional models during the Gamma Racing Day to promote ERU Prestige. 3 girls ensured that ERU was brought to the attention of the visitors by distributing samples. This way people could discover the delicious flavors of ERU Prestige.

There were also several photo boxes present at the event where visitors could take a photo with stagemisses or with the replica car of the race drivers Tim & Tom Coronel.

Dutch Flavor Bikes

Dutch Flavor is a company that has been involved in the development of the perfect bike for a long time.
Two of our promotional models were cycling around the circuit to show the Dutch Flavor bikes to the public. As they cycled around, the promotional models actively approached the public to take pictures with the bikes or to take a test drive. Many people were interested in cycling, so the promotion was a success.


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