PromoVisionModels provides grid girls for both the MotoGP as well as the World Superbike races across Europe. The same goes for the World Superbike race which takes place between the 6th and the 8th of July in the Italian village Misano. Two of our grid girls travelled to the Misano World Circuit to work for the Redbull Honda World Superbike team.

Work tasks

Being a grid girls means you have to walk with an umbrella across the circuit and while doing this, also taking photos with the visitors. This is done with the aim of promoting the team you work as much as possible. Just before the start of the race, the grid girl joins the racing team on the racing track. On the track, the grid girl’s responsibility lies with the protection of the motor racer from potential sun, rain and/ or wind.

For 11 years, PromoVisionModels has provided grid girls for many different Superbike and MotoGP teams. Every year we can not wait for the new race season to start and when it finally arrives, our girls, full of enthusiasm and with pleasure, work on the circuit.


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