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Modellen Nespresso

Boost your brand!

Your event, exhibition or product stands or falls with a good first impression, in what way are your guests received, what does your new customers see and over all what do they remember when they come into contact with your product or service. Our models start every job well prepared, well informed about  your product or company and know what is expected of them before they arrive at the working spot. They will ensure that they leave an indelible impression behind with your visitors and / or customers.

Fair Support

PromoVisionModels provides representive promo girls and boys or models for all kinds of events and fairs. For each company we have the right complenation for every fair. Sales support, or just not even a magnet to fill your stand. In every way PromoVisionModels is capable to think with you to get the best final result. Have you got qualified staff which is the best in what they have to do but do they miss the power to speak to arbitrary passers? We can help you out. Our promo boys and girls are used to talk to strangers’ and they will try to fill your stand in a friendly way with people who are useful for your business. So that your staff can do their work in the way they do it best!  Is your company presented at a fair but are you still afraid of missing potential customers? Our models can walk around the work floor all day to give every passenger your business card, go for a small informational chat. Ask visitors what their reason is for coming and bring them to your stand if necessary. A fair provides chances which you can utilize optimal and we are happy to help you thinking it all out! Fair Support

Beursondersteuning vakantie
Hostesse hospitality


PromoVisionModels works with experienced hosts and hostesses which keeps your whole hospitality going. Welcome your guests, Provide drinks and Petit fours. Keeping the entire Floor nice and decent. To be short, take care of your guest, make sure they experience a wonderful day and that you as our client can be busy with the more important business, your customers! You’ve got one point of contact and we take care of it all!

Welcome and goodbye

PromoVisionModels goes for a perfect start and an even better end. That’s why we don’t only provide your welcome but also your goodbye. We give your guest an attention with their leaving, wish them a save trip back home and call them a cab if they want to. We make sure they leave with an even better feeling as when they entered the location. Need ideas for an original entree or closure? PromoVisionModels is full of creativity and likes to plan a non-committal brainstorm session. At our office or at your company.