Amsterdam Dance Event is an annual music event located in Amsterdam. The event attract annually an amount of circa 350000 visitors and is therefore one of the biggest events in Amsterdam and is the largest gathering for electronic music worldwide!

Amsterdam Dance Event NL

The event takes place from Wednesday the 17th up to and including Sunday the 21th of October. The event has a day and night program. During the day, spread through the city, you will find a variety of lectures, conferences, workshops and demonstrations. In the evening and night, the real party begins. On different stages, many dj’s and musicians, from inside as well as the outside of the Netherlands, perform. The first edition of the ADE took place in 1995. This turned out to be a success. Therefore it was decided to make this event an annual festival and it was prolonged from 2 days to 5!

Work tasks

PromoVisionModels provided multiple models for Radio 538 during the Amsterdam Dance Event! On Wednesday the 17th up to Saturday the 20th of October two of PromoVisionModels’ male models functioned as the famous Radio 538 stereoheads at the 538 DJ Hotel (The Student Hotel)!

On Saturday the 20th of October PromoVisionModels provided 4 models for Radio 538. Again, two gentlemen for the job of stereohead and two ladies for promotion. The promo-ladies took as many pictures as they could with the visitors. This was done with a polaroid camera so that the visitors could take the picture with them right after the picture was made.


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