You can not have failed to notice that a few weeks ago French tourists climbed out of the car at Safaripark Beekse Bergen, to walk between the cheetahs. That caused a lot of fuss. On Facebook, an event was created, cuddling with leopards, with a nod to all of this. That event blew up and many people indicated to be present.

In cooperation with Stichting SPOTS and PromoVisionModels Safaripark Beekse Bergen took advantage of this event by ensuring that on 19 July, the day of the Facebook event, there were actually leopards present that could be cuddled. PromoVisionModels arranged 5 beautiful girls, dressed up in a leopard suit, who walked around the Safari Park and took pictures with the visitors of the park.

The day had an underlying message, namely: “Cuddling with us is fine but not with wild animals.” The goal of this day was to bring this message to people’s attention and that certainly succeeded.

Stichting SPOTS

SPOTS, based in The Netherlands, is committed to the wild felines. And this is badly needed: animals like the lion and cheetah are threatening to die out forever. And the all-rounder, the leopard, is coming under increasing pressure. That is why the SPOTS foundation finds it essential that help is given to these wild animals.


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