1 JANUARY 2013 On January 1st daredevils can start the new year afresh by participating in the various New Year’s Swims. Even though cats normally don’t heartily defy the water, various purrfect models dressed in a ludic way will now outface the water to draw attention to the endangered feline species. The action is an initiative by Stichting SPOTS, which commits itself to protecting the endangered felines and is part of the national campaign ‘Save My Pussy’.

In a playful way the models will draw attention to the fact that the Big Cats are in deep water during the New Year’s Swim in Scheveningen and in Safaripark Beekse Bergen (Hilvarenbeek). Time to Save My Pussy! Attention is needed badly and therefore Stichting SPOTS, in collaboration with partner PromoVisionModels, participates in the New Year’s Swims in Scheveningen and in Safaripark Beekse Bergen, Hilvarenbeek to put the spotlights on the endangered felines.

By ludic guerilla campaigns, often with a wink, Stichting SPOTS draws attention to the fact that Big Cats could be extinct within several decades. We have to prevent this! It is time to Save My Pussy!

More information about Stichting SPOTS can be found in their website, www.stichtingspots.nl and more about the Save My Pussy campaign on www.savemypussy.nl.


We heartily invite you to be present and the action and to give attenttion to the endangered felines in that way. The ladies will be present in Scheveningen from 11.00h and from 10.15h at Event Centre Safaripark Beekse Bergen (Hilvarenbeek).