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Christmas at Bauhaus

It is almost Christmas and at the Bauhaus they are already very busy with the preparations. Every year, PromoVisionModels assists Bauhaus with their Christmas preparations and activities.

Christmas Ladies

Two weekends in a row, PromoVisionModels provided Bauhaus with Christmas ladies. In all of the three Bauhaus affiliates you could spot our Christmas girls. The girls were handing out hot choco to all of the Bauhaus visitors. Flier the ant and Rudolf…

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On Sunday, the second of December, we travelled to Belgium with our prettiest girls for the annual fashion show: La Femme Du Maghreb Bridal. This year the show took place in the Hilton Hotel in Antwerp. During La Femme Du Maghreb, our models walked the stage dressed in magnificent dresses designed by Ziana Yasmine.

Ziana Yasmine

Ziana Yasmine is a Moroccan wedding gown designer from Antwerp. Besides her wedding gowns, Ziana…

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Giants Leeuwarden

From Friday August 17th to Sunday August 19th, the Giants event took place in Leeuwarden. The Afsluitdijk has just been completed in 2018 from a large-scale renovation. The presence of the giants is a tribute to the Afsluitdijk, which has had such an enormous impact on Friesland and the rest of the Netherlands.


The Photobox is a closed space with a green screen, in which people can take photos. The…

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Kei week

Every year an introduction week is organized for first-year students in Groningen to discover all aspects of the life of a student. In 2018 the keiweek takes place from Monday the 13th of August to Friday the 17th.

Monday, August 13th

PromoVisionModels has been cooperating successfully with Club Kokomo in Groningen for a long time, so the keiweek is also a busy week for PVM. Where during the day activities can…

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bauhaus nautic

Bauhaus Nautic

Bauhaus is THE new construction store in the Netherlands in 2015 the first Dutch branch opened in Groningen and after 3 years 2 branches have been added in Hengelo and Venlo.

What many people do not know is that Bauhaus also has a large water sports department where everything in the field of water sports is available, think of boats and water skis but also for example bubble baths.


To bring…

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Photobox harlingen

Photobox Harlingen

During the Tall Ships Races in Harlingen from the 3rd to 6th of August our promo models were working for Photobox. The event was dedicated to the Tall Ships that were docked in Harlingen and admired by the public.


The Photobox is a closed space with a green screen, in which people can take photos. The background is then projected onto the green screen. This summer Photobox is working for…

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Truckstar festival

On 28 and 29 July the PromoVisionModels promoids were at the Truckstar festival on the TT circuit in Assen.

Truckstar festival

Every year, truck enthusiasts from all over the world visit the TT circuit in Assen during the Truckstar festival. More than 2000 trucks are spread over the entire circuit and over 50,000 visitors go out to admire these trucks. There is plenty to do on both days. There are demonstrations…

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You can not have failed to notice that a few weeks ago French tourists climbed out of the car at Safaripark Beekse Bergen, to walk between the cheetahs. That caused a lot of fuss. On Facebook, an event was created, cuddling with leopards, with a nod to all of this. That event blew up and many people indicated to be present.

In cooperation with Stichting SPOTS and PromoVisionModels Safaripark Beekse…

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On 8, 9 & 10 June 2018 it was time for the second big truck event “Bigtruck Trophy”!

Bigtruck Trophy

In 2017 Bigtruck was organized for the first time ever. This year Bigtruck is back again, but bigger and better! In 2018 the event was held at recreation park Prinsenmeer in Asten, where the event could be set up even bigger. During the event, the truck show took place, where everyone…

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walk on girls

Masters of Darts

On May 10 the darts event Masters of Darts took place in the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.

Masters or Darts

PromoVisionModels arranged Walk on girls during the Masters of Darts, which took place in Rijswijk at the beginning of May. Styling and clothing was both arranged by PVM itself. The event was, as every year, very crowded and there was also a lot of attention for our beautiful girls.

What do Walk on…

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