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On May 2 Bauhaus organized football clinic in collaboration with ATC’65, Flowsports and PromoVisionModels. The children could have won an exclusive ticket for this event by just filling out the application form at Bauhaus….

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Our walk-on girls were working for BAUHAUS during the dutch open darts. The Walk-on girls of PromoVisionModels walked together with the darters to the podium and handed out Dutch Open Darts flights to the…

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Radio 10 Comedy Camper

Radio 10 tackles ‘Blue Monday’ with a comedy tour. The radio station did this in collaboration with PromoVisionModels. On Blue Monday, the most depressed day of the year, Radio 10 organized a comedy tour…

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BAUHAUS opens a new location in Venlo this year. The construction of the building is still in the making. The highest point of the construction was reached in January. BAUHAUS celebrated this milestone in…

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PromoVisionModels and Telekids have been working together for many years now. PromoVisionModels arranges exclusive promo girls especially for Telekids Disco show. The promo girls make it all possible for the kids to have an…

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21 FEBRUARY 2017 | PromoVisionModels provided the hostess for Wavin during the Infra Relatiedagen 2017 in Evenementenhal Hardenberg. The hostess proactively scanned the badges of the visitors on the stand.

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15 FEBRUARY 2017 PromoVisionModels provided the hostesses for Liqui-Moly on Auto Prof Gorinchem 2017. The hostesses made sure to generate more traffic to the stand and brought visitors into contact with the…

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6 FEBRUARY 2017 PromoVisionModels provided the walk-on girls and the enthusiastic mascot for the Bauhaus Dutch Open Darts 2017 in Assen.

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3 FEBRUARY 2017 PromoVisionModels provided the models for the Tweakers Awards Gala 2016/2017. The models made sure to give the guests a complete VIP-experience and they assisted at the awards ceremony.


24 NOVEMBER 2016 PromoVisionModels provided a hostess for Donnerberg massaging devices on the Margriet Winter Festival 2016 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. The model supported the account managers in demonstrating the product.

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